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Body Rider Fan Bike BRF700The Body Rider BRF700 Fan Bike is a dual action exercise bike. Besides the standard cycling workout on your lower body, there are handlebars that you can grab on to exercise your arms at the same time. This kind of dual action bike is getting very popular now mainly because, as the name suggest, you can have dual action; both upper and lower body workout at the same time. Among all the dual action bikes available, the BRF700 is one of the more economical and popular one. It does not feel cheap, and delivers what it is supposed to for a great workout.

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Buy Schwinn Airdyne bikeThe Schwinn Airdyne AD4 Upright Exercise Bike is a classic – an exercise bike that is virtually unchanged for the past 20 years! It is not because Schwinn is not keeping up with time, but because this machine is simply perfect and well accepted by so many people.

The Schwinn Airdyne AD4 is an old school workout machine. If you’re looking for something that is simple, refined and serve its purpose without the usual frills, this is the one for you.
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