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Best elliptical machineFor most people who have already decided to buy an exercise machine to be used at home, the next step is to decide if they want to buy an exercise bike or elliptical machine. To hardcore bikers, the decision is clear – exercise bike is the only way to go. Elliptical machine will never cross their mind when come to work out. However, for those who would like to explore on other forms of cardiovascular exercises, elliptical machine is something worth considering.
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Most popular exercise bikeWhich exercise bike is better, recumbent or upright? Most of the time, this is the first question anybody who intends to buy exercise bike will normally ask. I asked that as well when I decided to invest in a stationary exercise bike for my wife some years back. To make the right choice, I have done a thorough research on this topic, and would like to share it with you now.

First, let’s differentiate between these two types of bikes in terms of their general design structure and their pros and cons.
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Hi!! This is Joe and welcome to my site!

The was created with the sole intention of providing you with very useful exercise bikes reviews that you will need before purchasing one.

I have planned to buy an exercise bike some months ago, and before that, like most of the people, I went online to research on which is the best one that would nicely fit into my budget. I discovered that it was difficult to find all the information and reviews on particular brands of the equipment on a single site. Some sites offered very good reviews on a variety of brands of the bikes, but I had difficulty finding the bike that fit into my budget. Other sites provided a comparison of price and features among popular brands, but failed to give a helpful review that is detailed enough to let me know why that particular brand suits me best.
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